Diana Olierook & John Knopper

Hello Andreas (and friends),
We saw your concert in Vienna in September 2007, where we met after the concert and the four of you wrote your signatures on our CDs and on John's T-shirt on the back....do you remember? We are from The Hague (near Scheveningen) Far too long ago now. We would like you to know we are getting married next 8 February 2010 and we have made a compilation of your music to be played by our DJ during the buffet! As you can see we can NEVER live without your music and we will always be your biggest and truest fans, playing your music almost every day!! We are now planning to visit one of your concerts this year, may be Bonn or somewhere else, since you have no plans yet to come to Holland. We love you for always and always and will never leave you!!
Lots of love and hopefully musical inspiration from us in the Netherlands,
Diana Olierook and John Knopper xxxxxx